Saturday, July 26, 2008

Been a long time

So...I'm back! Did you miss me? Did you miss my blog humor that is sure to make waves on the internet? I bet you did! Well, here I am with more stuff to say. Whether you wanna hear that or not, is up to you. Ok, I'm done stalling for space and give you an update of what's been happening.

Since we last talked, not too much has happened. I went to the site of 2 PCV's near Kayunga and taught sex ed in primary schools. It was a really good experience and the first time that I faced the intimidation of hundreds of Ugandan primary school kids. With the help of a translator and many jokes (with the subject content, you can imagine where i went with it!), 13 and 14 year old boys were properly informed about their reproductive system, std's, puberty, and making good life decisions. The kids were really into learning and it was good to do "traditional" Peace Corps work. Most volunteers do a lot of good, hands on teaching type stuff like this, but I haven't really done that. My teaching has just been at the nursing school and even then, only a few times.

While I was there, I visited the home of a woman who's sister lives in Washington and knows my sister Marci. I promised the woman, Christine, who hasn't seen her sister Gloria in Uganda, in over 20 years that I'd visit her, take pictures, and send them back. I did just this and had a great time. Gloria's family were really friendly and treated me like a king. When I sent the photos back to Christine, she was overwhelmed. She was so happy to finally see a picture of her sister, but sad that she looked a lot older than Christine, even though she's the younger sister. It felt good to do something small like this that meant so much to people. It was truly a "Kodak Moment"!

Work's been kinda slow lately. Completed a couple of grants for my organization and have worked on creating coherent profiles for the CBO coalition organizations that I'm also helping out. All this has been really slow and I've been in Kampala alot for business and also for fun. On the 4th, we had an ultimate frisbee tournament that was a lot of fun. About 60 volunteers showed up for it and we split into 4 teams. My team got in 3rd, but that was after I twisted my ankle and couldn't play! I totally would have dominated! :) Or something....

That's all for now. I have a cough that's annoying, but I finally found somewhere in Mbale to plug in my laptop and download anti-virus updates and the such. Pretty happy about that. Super pumped about my planned vacation to Mozambique in August and am seriously counting down the days! A beach sounds really nice right now! Peace...