Monday, February 26, 2007

Address and Oscars

So here is what my address will be during the 10 weeks of training:
Wesley Carter, PCT
PO Box 29348
Kampala, Uganda

Also, I saw the Oscars last night and Forest Whitaker gave a great shoutout to Uganda. I wish I was in country to hear people's reactions. I will be scouring blogs to hear about how current PCV's spent Oscar morning if they did at all.

Also, FYI, the time that all my posts are listed at are in East African Time, which is +3 Greenwich Mean Time, or +11 Pacific Standard Time for you Left Coasters...

Vacation at last!

So after a night in Dallas, 2 cancelled flights and one standby miss and 30 hours since leaving Seattle, we made our way to Tampa after all. Now I'm in a nice condo on the beach with my family and can't wait to enjoy the sun and my last week in America. Yes!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


After a fantastic night out on the town with my friends (thanks everyone!) and a 3am cab ride to the airport with a couple of groupies (you rule Alex and Mike!), I am not yet in sunny Florida as I should be. Instead I'm stuck in the dustball they call Dallas at the hotel airport. 60 mph winds and threatening t-storms and tornados have kept us stuck here. I am not happy! I just wanted to be sleeping on a beach by now instead of in a Dallas hotel. To top it off, the hotel's computer was shut down so we had to hang out in the lobby for an hour.

My life's possessions for 2 years is sitting in a pile somewhere, but I'm not stressing cause I'm too tired...and it's all good, things will come around.

Talk to you all from a sunny warm location tomorrow...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Last night in Seattle

So today was a busy day for me. I finalized the packing which wasn't as painful as first advertised. I am a few pounds heavier than I'm supposed to be (80lbs. is the limit), but I'm hoping to get by without too much trouble. I'll have to discard a few items in Florida, but it'll probably be socks or something that I won't cry over.

I said goodbye to my best friend Josh today which was very hard to do. Tonight will be one last time downtown with the rest of the crew. From there I take a cab to the airport (it's REAL early flight) and then on the Florida.

The last hour is being spent writing emails and loading up my mp3 player. It's starting to hit home that I am actually leaving. I'm very positive and can't wait for what's next. Talk to you from Florida,

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The guys in Vancouver

The guys in Vancouver
The guys in Vancouver,
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Post EVER!

I want to welcome everyone to my blog. If you think that the setup is unsatisfactory, then you can let me know. I'm hardly a web designer...

I am now entering my final week in the Seattle area. Next Saturday I go to Florida for a family vacation and then fly straight from there to Philadelphia on March 2nd. After 2 days of orientation, shots, completion of legal forms, and the receiving of my new passport and visas, they ship me off to Uganda. We fly from JFK in New York to Brussels, Belgium and then 0n to Entebbe, Uganda with a stop in Nairobi, Kenya. I should arrive Monday night after 20 or so hours of travel time.

To unnecessarily increase my stress levels, I have decided to wait way to long to get serious about packing. I still need a large duffel, some running shoes, a decision about what carry-on to bring and whether to buy a laptop (or use an old heavy one that my sister has), and whether I should bring a sleeping bag and pad. One great thing that I've found out with the generous help of past and current PCV's (Peace Corps Volunteers), is that you can buy many things in the capital of Kampala. They have a big store there called Game that is similar to Fred Meyer or Wal-Mart:
I'll have my Visa card and what I've heard is a reasonable stipend from the PC (Peace Corps). However, I always feel like I'm not going to bring something important and feel horrible about it. Maybe I've had too many of those dreams where I went to school forgetting to put my pants on and was extremely embarrassed! Oh well, lets see how I am next Friday...

Ok, that's it for now. Keep in mind that there's many factors that I have to think about in this blog. Most importantly is who my audience is and how I am portraying the Peace Corps, Uganda, and Africa in general. I will refrain from using names for the most part, unless I get the permission of the people I'm with. I will be representing the US Government and I realize the responsibility that goes with it. Please let me know how I can make this blog more informative and enjoyable to you. Thanks!