Thursday, November 27, 2008

50th Post, Happy Turkey Day!

So nothing special or informative for my 50th post. I just wanted to say that I miss everyone back home on this holiday and especially miss the boats of gravy that mom makes. Mmmm, gravy! ;) I'll be at home alone tonight with some whiskey, a bag of rye crisps, my favorite lizards and my top 40 radio station. Sounds sad, but it's not. Luckily, like I said last year, it never feels like a winter holiday around here cause it's July-like weather year around. Plus, I'm about to do a cool project on Saturday testing people for HIV and have my sister coming for Christmas. Add in future vacation plans to go to Rwanda and Lamu Island, Kenya is giving me a lot to look forward too. So I hope everyone is getting stuffed on stuffing and enjoying themselves amongst friends and family. Take care and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Marci said...

We'll miss you, too, Wes! I'll save some Tofurkey for you.. Ha Ha! Maybe I'll just bring one with me for Christmas dinner.

Annie said...

Miss you too, loads! if it makes you feel better I'd give up all the gluten free stuffing in the world to be hanging in your town for a while!