Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things that make me happy

So here are some pictures that make me happy. Enjoy!

Kids from the "Baby Class" at the orphan school that i work with. I was showing some new Peace Corps trainees that place and one of them took this picture. I especially like the little girl with the huge smile and her hands by her face. Children are so excited by the littlest things:

This is a good picture of me and Diana. Yeah, we're cute, i know :)

Picture of Baby Marci, the little girl my supervisor's wife Susan had in late January. I'm honored that they named their child after my sister. The kid is totally passed out here and is wearing a dress that my mom sent for her. Both my mom and sister sent a bunch of really nice baby clothes for her. Susan and Kateu were super grateful:

Here is the widow's group attached to the orphan school i work with. They are posing with their new sewing machine the first day it was put together. They are now receiving training and will start making school uniforms in the next few months:

This is a closeup of the sewing machine. Looks very old school, but it is brand new. They opted for this smaller one that can't do hemming or other complicated sewing techniques. They had enough money for one, but wanted to spend it on getting a trainer, renting out this shop and buying cloth and other materials to start a business:

As I wind my way down here, I thought you'd enjoy a few pictures that make me happy. Nice day!

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William said...

Wes, these pictures make us happy also, especially the one of you and Diana! Sounds like you've done some amazing things in Uganda, you'll be missed! Bill and Sharon